The ice cream industry includes Economy, Premium, Premium Plus, and Super Premium market segments. Super premium ice cream is greater in richness, density and creaminess than other categories of ice cream. Our ice cream is not only a part of the super premium sector; we use all natural ingredients, with emphasis on organic ingredients, wherever possible.

Sorry we don’t have any secret recipe. The only secret of Flavours24’s delicious ice cream is ingredients of superior most quality. We push to the limit to source best quality milk, cream, fruits, nuts and other ingredients and this makes our ice creams more rich, creamy and flavourful.

We don’t use preservatives, chemical stabilizers or any artificial ingredients. We would like to responsibly inform you with the exception of some candies (for example, Packed cheese, some chocolate bars which themselves contain some artificial ingredients in negligible quantity). The flavourings used by us include premium quality extracts, fruits, nutmeats, herbs, chocolates, cookies and candies.

A frequently asked question is ‘Why our exotic Mint Chocó chips ice cream isn’t green?’ The reason is that we don’t use any artificial colour in any of our ice cream. That’s why our mint ice cream is white; the natural colour after the ice cream is made.

We are always open for suggestions from our huge number of Flavours24 ice cream lovers to improve or create new flavours.

Enjoy our most intense flavours of creamiest ice cream, unlike you have ever tasted.